Accessing Data

Accessing Your Own Data

App developers and their users can see the their own measurement results here with the account associated with the app. We are working on providing an interface for app developers to schedule their own measurement tasks and retrieve the measurement results.

Accessing Anonymized Data for All Users

Anonymized data is stored in Google Storege and is accessible through gsutil tool. Data can be listed with the following command:
./gsutil ls gs://openmobiledata_public
And downloaded with this command:
./gsutil cp -r gs://openmobiledata_public
Note this will download all the data, which can take a long time. Individual files can also be downloaded.
Data is in JSON format. All user IDs have been removed and locations have been reduced in accuracy to avoid leaking user information.

If you make use of the Mobilyzer data, please cite the following reference:

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Data Visualization

Performance data in aggregate can be viewed here. Currently it shows the data collected in the past 48 hours. Zoom into the map to see data at the country, city or cell tower granularity.